Your Home:
In-home lessons are offered in select areas and are convenient for students who don't want to travel to the studio and/or for families with multiple children. Your home should have a quiet room for lessons to take place, and you'll need your own violin or keyboard/piano. Parking must be available (with exception of homes in Beacon Hill). On street permit is fine, provided you have a visitor's permit available for use and parking is easily available (especially in the winter time). Student is responsible for any parking/meter fees (these will be added onto your lesson rate).

In-home lesson slots are available weekdays from 10am-8pm. No weekend slots available. Please note that availability is subject to change based on current enrollment. Additional hours are available during school vacation weeks and Summer.

Other Locations:
Hill House, 127 Mt. Vernon St, Beacon Hill, Boston, MA (Sept-June)
Tobin Community School, 197 Vassal Lane, Cambridge, MA (Sept-June)

If you are interested in taking lessons with Melanie at any of these locations, Melanie will put you in touch with the appropriate program director. Please note that all scheduling and payment will be handled by the individual schools, and that rates, policies, and availability are not the same as those of Maz Music Studio.

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